Business Litigation

The primary focus of Bowen|Schroth is litigation.  In fact, partner Derek A. Schroth is certified by The Florida Bar as an expert Business Litigation attorney. In addition, partner Buzz Bowen is certified by the Florida Supreme Court as a Circuit Court Mediator, and Del G. Potter (Of Counsel) is certified by the Florida Supreme Court as a Circuit Civil and Appellate Court Mediator.

Our business litigation and dispute resolution attorneys are experienced in representing Central Florida business entities and individuals as plaintiffs, defendants, and class representatives.  We have the collective knowledge, skills, and insight necessary to thoroughly and exhaustively litigate the most complex factual and legal issues.  Each of our attorneys are committed to providing our clients with aggressive and efficient representation at all stages of litigation.

The attorneys at Bowen|Schroth actively litigate in state and federal trial courts throughout Florida, as well as handle appeals in the various Florida District Courts of Appeal and the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals. Our attorneys have filed and defended lawsuits covering a wide range of topics, including:

Americans with Disabilities Act disputes
Child custody disputes
Child support modification
Condominium association disputes
Contract disputes
Contractor liens
Construction defects
Copyright infringement
Debt collection
Easement disputes
Employer retaliation
Employment discrimination
Fair Labor Standards Act disputes
Federal bid protests
Homeowners association disputes
Illegal taxation
Individuals with Disabilities Education Act disputes
Insurance disputes
Landlord and tenant disputes
Paternity disputes
Probate and trust litigation
Property rights
Trademark protection
Unfair and deceptive trade practices
Unpaid overtime
Warranty disputes
Whistleblower actions
Will contests
Wrongful termination


Bowen|Schroth has also filed and defended a number of class action lawsuits in Florida’s state and federal courts. A class action is a distinct and complex type of lawsuit that allows one or more individuals or business entities (the “Class Representative”) to sue a wrongdoer on behalf of themselves and a group of other individuals and business entities (the “Class”) who are similarly affected by the wrongdoer’s particular act, policy or practice. The purpose of a class action lawsuit is to allow individuals and business entities with relatively small individual claims to spread the cost of litigation across the entire Class. Without the ability to file a class action lawsuit, the cost of litigating a relatively small individual claim may be cost-prohibitive for the individuals and business entities harmed by a wrongdoer’s particular act, policy or practice.

Please contact Bowen|Schroth if you are a member of a group of individuals or business entities who have been similarly affected by a particular act, policy or practice. Our business litigation attorneys will analyze your case, discuss your options, and help determine whether you may qualify as a Class Representative.